Death in Three Parts

Posted by Thought Pool   on October 22, 2017
Category :Poetry
Sometimes I wish I woke to less — less light, less pain, less awe at the beauty that slept beside me dreaming of others’ flesh. Read More

I. Selections from Broken Songs

Posted by Thought Pool   on August 13, 2017
Category :Poetry
Sometimes you just need to stare into the dark and take it in— two black holes through those baby blues. In the next room, the fatalisms of Richard III shatter like a tusk.Read More


Posted by Thought Pool   on June 13, 2017
Category :Poetry
Less can be deduced from taking a stroll down Euclid than from the original theorem, which defies the canvas of lilacs reading of Oblivion.Read More

No. Oracle.

Posted by Thought Pool   on May 30, 2017
Category :Poetry
People talk about the voice in their head as if it guided their lives, as if it were a vessel carrying the future to the present. The gut is the inkling that comes with the voice, something people feel as it coils around the big questions.Read More

Notes on Easter Sunday

Posted by Thought Pool   on April 16, 2017
Category :Poetry
The sky is a hammered ceiling of grey and blue. Faintly, the organ drones from the nearby chapel— incidental music to the latest production of JESUS IS LORD. I’ve directed many versions in my mind: a pair of crows hops through the parking lot, considering their relevance in the sheen of a puddle.Read More

Open Letter to an Earlier Me

Posted by Thought Pool   on April 13, 2017
Category :Prose
Believe it or not, you are among the first one million Facebook users. This means that you have some special responsibility when it comes to how you present yourself and engage with others. You will be asked to create a profile that highlights your favourite things. You will be tempted to include Ulysses and The Godfather, but to leave out Archie and Cinderella. Resist.Read More

On Commitment

Posted by Thought Pool   on March 19, 2017
Category :Prose
A dictionary search will return several definitions of commitment—most of them unhelpful. The clearest of them is “an agreement, promise etc. that limits one’s freedom of action.” That may sound like a negative description, but it gets at the heart of the matter: 1) committing to something often means giving up something else. You can’t simultaneously commit to being a vegetarian and commit to being an omnivore. You can’t commit to something that, by definition, excludes something else.Read More


Posted by Thought Pool   on March 1, 2017
Category :Poetry
The shelves are relieved of Plato and Shakespeare, a sigh follows the crackle of old wood straightening its spine...Read More


Posted by Thought Pool   on February 23, 2017
Category :Prose
Our homes are the shrines to our lives. They house the vestiges of our travels, the trinkets and snapshots of times past, and the beginnings of the future. They house the people we were, and are, and the people we will be. They are sacred. Yet, for many of us, we let our homes become places hostile to the flow from past to future. We allow them to become reliquaries, cluttered with artifacts, with junk.Read More
In my commutes to work, I've started listening to podcasts as a way of passing the time and exploring topics which often get back-burnered in the daily rush.  One topic of long-term interest to me is personality types, and a recent episode of Gretchen Rubin's podcast, Happier, confirmed to me that there seems to be fundamentally two sorts of reactions to the goal of classifying human personality.Read More

How to Free Ourselves and Trump, Trump

Posted by Thought Pool   on February 7, 2017
Category :Prose
In The T-Bomb: When Big Data and Narcissism Converge, we ask ourselves: What can be done to mitigate the effects of pathological narcissism and big data manipulation? But before we can answer this question in a non-trivial way, we must first look at the technocultural backdrop that made the rise of Trump possible. When we understand this, we will have the weapons we need to fight back. And win.Read More

The T-Bomb: When Big Data and Narcissism Converge

Posted by Thought Pool   on January 31, 2017
Category :Prose
The truth eludes us—occasionally because we haven't yet found it, but often because we choose not see it. We can't afford to turn a blind eye to the truth anymore. It has risen and it will not be ignored. In The Data That Turned the World Upside Down Grassenger and Krogerus connect the dots between big data and psychometrics. They outline an emerging reality where the myriad digital traces we leave behind are used to manipulate us—both individually and societally. No longer doRead More

Farewell Music

Posted by Thought Pool   on January 28, 2017
Category :Poetry
Death can leave deep impressions on us. And, more importantly, how we make sense of death can reshape those impressions for the rest of our lives. I often make sense of dark moments in my life through writing, and so when my uncle died, I retooled my last memories of him—a lunch on a snowy January day—into a poetic memento that I could carry with me...Read More


Posted by Thought Pool   on January 17, 2017
Category :Poetry
Certain things keep you alive: the strums on an acoustic guitar, a hollow blow on the harmonica...Read More